Best of the Web

Best of the Web
World Press has just announced the winners of its 2013 Multimedia Contest. Led by Keith W. Jenkins, supervising senior producer for multimedia at National Public Radio, a panel of six judges spent six days in the World Press offices in Amsterdam …
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Torrington Donor's Week Road Race hits downtown for 42nd year
4 2/20 64 Muhamet Ajazi M1929 25 M Morris CT 29:49 5:58. 5 1/25 202 Rocky Botto M3039 30 M Cornwall CT 30:00 6:00. 6 3/20 166 Jonathan Toro M1929 27 M Shirley NY 30:28 6:06. 7 4/20 138 Anthony Douaihy M1929 24 M Avon CT 30:48 6:10.
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