Best Paid Android Apps of the Week: February 24 – March 2

This week we bring you the best paid Android apps of the week. If you’d like to give any of them a shot, you can find the app links below! Don’t forget to ch…

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16 Responses to Best Paid Android Apps of the Week: February 24 – March 2

  1. EnimousLP says:

    Well i dont think that the Mod’s make up the number’s of bought times. Because there are people who are willing to pay for app’s :)

  2. EnimousLP says:

    They are Best Paid! Not Best Rated…

  3. snesmusicfever says:

    lol, you are right.

  4. Human123229750 says:

    Does any Android users pay for apps? I don’t think so.

  5. DKENT213 says:

    No mate, Swapps is 100% perfect. Let’s you customize a lot, from size to colors, specific apps and it even displays recently used apps. Unity Launcher is too simple and uninteresting. Swapps is free.

  6. DKENT213 says:

    Unity Launcher is shit, Swapps is the best.

  7. Edwin Rosario says:

    Just install jedi invasion rom on your phone that already comes with this and many more features.. Lol

  8. TecCkey says:

    Please stop the music in the background

  9. Razertw says:

    if those are the best shouldn´t they have 5 stars ?

  10. Joseph Hindy says:

    They are all more or less the same. I considered doing one of the other ones but Unity Launcher is, by far, the cleanest, most simple, easiest to use out of the bunch and it’s the one I ended up putting on my daily driver :)

  11. BORNFROMFIRE1 says:

    please make more videos about this subject

  12. shadowprogamer6 says:

    is unity launcher better than swapps?

  13. Igor Ramon says:

    how do you film the screen?

  14. Amith Kallupalam says:

    Glovebox is better!

  15. Joseph Hindy says:

    HD widgets. I usually have a clock/weather above that, then the 5 day forecast below it. I removed the clock widget so I could better show the device info lw :)

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