Best practices and common mistakes in SEO

For those who missed our #io14 presentation, join us in this office hours hangout for SEO tips on improving your site’s appearance in search results. The 3 topics we’ll cover are: 1. Mobile…
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  1. On the last IO Hangout Google introduced us a new tool for webmasters that have a international multi regional site. Its the “International Targeting Section” in GWT(Still not public though). The new tool show us info about error with href lang. More detailed info and screenshots can be found over here: 22:20 I almost sure that +John Mueller looked for testers on his G+ profile few days ago over here

  2. Google I/O wasn’t all about wearable gadgets and mobile, it also covered some SEO topics. In fact, folks from the Google Webmaster team gave a presentation titled “Best Practice & Common Mistakes in SEO.”

  3. *Breaking: **#href** Lang in Working Now!* Few weeks ago, it was hyped that #Google is working on a new href lang #webmaster feature that Google would not disclose. In fact, #Google was asking for beta testers to sign non-disclosure agreements, if they wanted to participate in the beta. Well, the feature is now disclosed. In last night’s Best practices and common mistakes in #SEO Google Hangout session hosted by three Googlers Mary, Eric and Michael of Google showed off the new tool in Webmaster Tools. As we thought, it is a reporting tool for showing you common issues with your implementation of #hreflang. The new report is named “international targeting” and shows specific issues that you can fix, and where the errors are. From missing return links from specific language codes, to unknown language codes in general. It enables the webmasters to target their customers properly. Best practices and common mistakes in SEO #Google #GoogleWebmaster #GoogleWebmasterTools 

  4. One of the events on the agenda for the recent Google I/O 2014 conference was ‘Best practices and common mistakes in SEO’. For those who were not lucky enough to attend the event, the Google Webmasters recently held a hangout to recap on their tips for improving search visibility. You can see the full Hangout here: Best practices and common mistakes in SEO 

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