Best Practices for Agency Procurement & Relationships

Best Practices for Agency Procurement & Relationships
Event on 2013-10-01 13:00:00
 Join us for a special presentation on Agency Relationships with Hal Stinchfield

Best Practices for the Procurement, Evaluation and Optimization of Agency Services :  

Tuesday October 1st, 1:00 – 4:30 pm  

The evolution of marketing trends toward mobile, social and SEO services has resulted in a veritable explosion in agency specialization. The sheer magnitude of “specialists” has made agency selection a formidable task. How do you decide which agency is the right one for you? This class will provide you with the tools you need to select a new agency or evaluate your existing agency- and is being taught by an independent third party expert in the category. We suggest that you come prepared by bringing your real world examples to discuss with the class and the instructor. One off the most difficult tasks Procurement and marketing specialists have is to buy marketing agency services. As an intangible, valuation is extraordinarily complex. And, once the task is complete, there is an all too common risk of scope creep, price creep and margin creep. This session will assist executives understand how and why challenges occur, what to watch out for, and how to do a better job of buying agency services ands well as how to optimize the agency’s value to the brand.

Seminar Outline: •Evolution of Marketing 1.0 to Marketing 2.0•Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Tactics•Single Dimension Marketing to Multi-Dimension Marketing•Ensuing Marketer Confusion•Review of Agency Challenges in Several Disciplines:•Mobile Marketing•Trade Fulfillment•E-Commerce•Website Development•Social Media•SEO•What Procurement Can Do Better•What Agencies Can Do Better The goal of this series is to give you a basic understanding of how agency relationships should work as well as how to get what you want out of the relationship without being over-sold.

Who Should Attend: Business Owners, Marketing Professionals, Advertising Professionals, Managers and anyone wanting to gain valuable insight into and information about how agencies work and how to create the best relationship in today's ever-changing environment. Requirements: None,  Laptop or Tablet Computer: not required  

About your Agency Relationships Seminar Leader: 

Hal Stinchfield Hal Stinchfield is a senior executive with more than thirty years experience in the marketing services sector. His expertise includes evaluating and developing integrated marketing strategies, particularly in environments in which purchasing behavior has never been so volatile. Having overseen the management of more than 50,000 marketing initiatives, Hal is known for his independent, unbiased, and entrepreneurial spirit and is well known for exploiting his unique talent for predicting marketing trends. His tenure includes executive leadership positions with Carlson Marketing Group, Equity partner of Young America Corporation- later sold to Bankers Trust Capital Partners, Archway Marketing Services, Founder & CEO of Promotional Marketing Insights. He has several years of experience providing executive consultation to Pepsi-Cola Company, Unilever, Masterfoods USA (Mars, Inc.), Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Visa USA, Sirius XM Radio, Nestle Nutrition. Hal was also retained to advise the United States National Telecommunications and Information Administration on minimizing waste, fraud and abuse on the billion dollar DTV .00 converter box coupon program. He brings unparalleled experience to marketing campaign and vendor analysis in the categories of assessing value proposition of marketing services vendors and assisting procurement in contract compliance and RFP response analyses.     DemandQuest: the Twin Cities' only Google Certified Partner offering complete training. DemandQuest was founded by marketing & sales entrepreneur Ted Kozlowski. Having crafted marketing solutions for a variety of organizations and industries, and having worked extensively with such internet marketing companies as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn, DemandQuest’s founder and instructors are uniquely qualified to take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and provide processes and solutions that are easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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