Best Prescription Glasses Discount Websites Examined Online

Best Prescription Glasses Discount Websites Examined Online
Best prescription glasses discount websites are now examined for consumers with less than 20-20 vision by the Cherry News company. These discounts represent both known and unknown companies providing lowered prices for frames and lenses online.
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Device tracking by web sites can be a good thing
A study by KU Leuven-iMinds (a tech research organization in Belgium) reveals that "…145 of the Internet's top 10,000 web sites […] use hidden scripts to extract a device fingerprint from users' browsers. " What evil organizations would do this and …
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Mediaquest acquires AMEinfo and SMEinfo websites from Top Right Group
The agreement was signed by Alexandre Hawari, co-CEO of Mediaquest, who said: “The acquisition of both the AMEinfo and SMEinfo websites are in line with our growth strategy and commitment to strengthening the position of regional publications. We are …
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