Best Real Estate SEO Company Programs Now Available at Discounted Prices Announces ARME

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) June 01, 2013

The real estate business is hopefully on the rebound after the terrible recession of the first decade of the 21st century, but the rising costs and practice of Internet advertising mean a real estate agency must be creative to find and secure customers. is working to be the best real estate SEO company in the U.S.

We [] are out of Clearwater FL but we work with real estate agencies across the country. Recently on, a real estate news website, there was an article about finding customers online. has the tools to help a local real estate agency do this very thing, said Simon Landers of

The article discusses the importance of keywords and phrases that help customers searching for real estate online find a particular agency. Many SEO companies help to a degree with their proven strategies, however none of these companies have the proprietary SEO technology used by ARME Realty. Without the understanding of the best real estate SEO company keyword and phrases, an agency is hemorrhaging money on advertising with very little return. is only real estate SEO and nothing else.

Our website package utilizes the latest techniques for achieving top placement on thousands of keywords. No matter if it is Enterprise AL or Buffalo NY, has a set of tools, a web kit and the skills to help a local real estate agency appear highly ranked on a search engine results page, said Landers.

Someone looking online for a real estate agency likely has plans to move and buy a home in the area. This means that a real estate SEO company has to understand the local market in order to promote particular kinds of properties in that market. Smaller, independent real estate agencies have the perfect opportunity to use this practice and bring the customers to them rather than actively looking for potential customers.’s technology targets specific property types in a particular area, and what this means is that while the agency is closed and the agents are at home or in the field, the website is actively working and finding customers, said Landers.

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