Best Real Estate SEO For Sale, Announces ARME

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Local real estate agencies are much better off in many ways than their franchise counterparts. Without the requirements of the franchise license and meeting certain goals, there are clearly some positive reasons not to be a franchise real estate agency. There are, unfortunately, so problems with the benefits.

Independent realtors and agents have to fight against the larger companies for the best rankings in search engine result pages, said Simon Landers of, and these agencies have to become creative to win the game.

Landers is referring to an article from, a real estate news website, which discusses ways for smaller real estate agencies to win the best real estate SEO game. These smaller agencies should strongly consider using for this task. is SEO for real estate and nothing else, said Landers, and all of the tricks and tips that make for the best real estate SEO practices come naturally with the web page packages and programs available with

The Inman article suggests that agencies who are actively looking for best real estate SEO should look into getting more than just local, but hyperlocal and building backlinks with local small businesses the very same techniques that uses for its best real estate SEO practices currently.

All of the same best real estate SEO tips come with a package from We use zip codes to build back links and best real estate SEO keywords and phrases. This means a local agency is likely to appear towards the top or first page of a search engine results page. A vital part of surviving in the real estate business, said Landers.

Larger, franchise websites and agencies do not have the flexibility of ARME

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