Best Robot Photos of the Week

Best Robot Photos of the Week
Today's edition of best robot photos of the week includes a photo of the recently a restored Elektro Robot, a curvy female R2D2, a 48-wheeled rover, a Russian robot lamp, a group of way-finding bots in Dallas, a graffiti robot in Miami, and other …

Belding robotics teams claim first place (Photos and Video)
BELDING — From a distance, the nuts, bolts, gears, wires, batteries, sweat and tears that go into building a robot at the high school level are hard to measure or place in the proper perspective when the mechanical machine is sitting lifeless on a …
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Next Generation Military Robots Drawn From Nature [PHOTOS]
The U.S. Army is looking to build smaller and smaller robots that can patrol and survey urban areas more discreetly. nanohelicopter_britain (Photo: Sgt. Rupert Frere RLC/UK Ministry of Defense) The Black Hornet, in a photo released by the UK defense …
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