Best Tricep workouts Best triceps workout program bodybuilding workouts exercises routine http Best Tricep workouts Best triceps workout program bodybuilding workouts exercises routine Want to know how to develop a big back? Want the best back workout of your life? Want to know how to develop your chest and biceps? Want to know how to get cut and develop six pack abs? Want to know how to develop bulging quads? Want to know how to develop big shoulders and triceps? Want to lose weight without losing muscle? Victor Costa takes natural bodybuilding to the next level. Follow his workout program and develop a muscular and cut physique. Try his specialized weight training routines and add muscle quickly, gain mass quickly and get ripped and cut quickly without getting injured. Victor Costa has developed an incredible training program that can help you develop your arms, biceps, triceps, chest, legs, shoulders and abs. Vic provides 2 workout dvds- one for home workouts and one for the gym. The bets part about it is that Vic has developed his workouts so you can take them to the gym with you on your mp3 player or ipod. You can also take Vic’s workouts to the gym with you on your mp3 player or IPOD. Let’s get bigger and more cut biceps, triceps, back, biceps, shoulders a legs and abs. Victor Costa from Vic’s Natural is considered to be one of the Best Trainer’s in the World. Visit Vic now at and follow him on Facebook. http

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19 Responses to Best Tricep workouts Best triceps workout program bodybuilding workouts exercises routine

  1. jamesearlcash500 says:

    I am aware of your site Vic i love how passionate you are about health, fitness and aesthetic quality, be sure that when i get a steady job ill be investing in some of your resources to get me past the dreaded plateau i feel drawing nearer to me in the gym haha, a tailor made diet and routine from you will be well worth the cash, Thank you for your service brother! your videos are incredibly motivating! take care 😉

  2. vicsnatural says:

    I love your comment friend> I actually have uploaded some more nutrition videos recently.As an FYI I customize diets for people, and training routines. I can be reached through my site vicsnatural, but I have uploaded some more nutrition vids and will continue to do so. Thanks and Peace, Vic

  3. jamesearlcash500 says:

    The reason i have ditched the other you tube body-building channel i would normally watch for vic is because although he hasn’t uploaded that many Q&A videos about nutrition yet, he always makes it very clear when it comes to HOW to do the exercise, and i think other channels miss that or don’t stress it enough, i have dropped the weight i lift or push in the gym since watching vic and focused more on his perfect technique, i have to say that the gains are coming a lot quicker and nicer.Thanks!

  4. Paul Tavener says:

    Ive been looking for this type of training for so long.thank you! Im starting right now.

  5. adrianalvaradoaa says:

    Great workouts Vic! Really improved the way I workout, keep it up!

  6. amo91390 says:

    Height ? 6.2 ?

  7. ironwill100 says:

    I don’t always do isolation exercises, but when I do, I prefer Victor Costa style. Stay pumped, my friends.

  8. vicsnatural says:

    I weigh between 180 and 182 pounds. Peace, Vic

  9. DJSeawolvz says:

    Vic,  your videos have improved my training 10 fold. Can I ask how much you personally weigh?

  10. vicsnatural says:

    Use your instinct. When they feel stale or stop working or you feel intuitively that you’d like to switch. Peace, Vic

  11. AC3xK1NG says:

    if i put these in my routine how long till i change them

  12. vicsnatural says:

    Hey from US. Beautiful country. Peace, Vic

  13. danny kosolosky says:

    hey vic thanks,that change up is great.greetz from belgium,thanks coatch

  14. TheRang3purx says:

    Mirin your aesthetics Vic.

  15. vicsnatural says:

    It takes time and work friend. Don’t be so anxious, it will come around. peace, Vic

  16. Javier Santana says:

    Vic im going to start your workouts!!

  17. Jay PumingBig says:

    Hey Vic thanks a lot for this tricep exercise it’s amazing I only use about 8lbs to 10lbs and I really feel it in the triceps excellent work out!!!^_^

  18. elia majdalany says:

    hey i am training in home , i start in may but still now i cant see changes can help me please

  19. Derek De Souza says:

    One day I hope I get as muscley as you!!

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