Besttoolbars Announces Time Saving Solution for Business Struggling To Keep Pace With Main Browser Upgrades

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) April 10, 2013

Browser add-on development agency Besttoolbars has announced a time saving solution for businesses struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing browser updates when developing and maintaining browser-add ons. It has revealed that its Custom Browser Framework will remove the problematic task of updating add-ons and extensions individually each time a browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome releases a new version or changes its add-on rules.

The very competitive nature of ecommerce means that updates to major browsers are released frequently. Besttoolbars has noted a tendency for the new releases of browsers to become even more frequent. Recently, these updates have occurred as regularly as every two months, creating a growing development and resource problem for ecommerce operations who depend on their browser add-ons for revenue streams. For example, two years ago it was expected that a new version of a main browser would be released once every six months. Today, Google releases new versions of its Chrome web browser at six week intervals. Browser companies often tend to introduce changes to the rules on browser add-ons each time their browser updates are released meaning each new browser is likely to require add-on developers to update code and make changes to their plug ins to remain compatible.

The Besttoolbars Custom Browser Framework now offers a single and central solution for browser add-on development. It has been intuitively developed to offset the problem of more rapid browser releases by integrating cross-browser development. Just one section of code is needed to power the add-on in all five major browsers. Changes can then be made just once to the one section of code and can be deployed simultaneously across all browser platforms. The Browser Framework also has an improved compatibility assurance, which supports all browsers and all future versions of the browsers. This means the code doesnt have to be constantly rewritten for the add-on to work across new platforms as they are released, saving significant time and money as the browser boom continues unabated.

Valery Kuznetsov, Key Project Manager at Besttoolbars said, Having worked closely with national and international organizations through our browser add on development services, Besttoolbars keeps a very close eye on browser developments. We have realized that the increased frequency of browser updates places a significant extra burden on any company that uses browser add-ons as a source of revenue. With the release of each new browser version and its subsequent new requirements, the browser add-on developer is obligated to update their browser to remain compliant and compatible. Not only does this represent a time investment if you develop browser add-ons for each browser individually without the use of a tool such as our Browser Framework, it can also lead to the deployment of significant tech resources and hours of coding time, which of course leads to greater costs.

In year 2012 for example there were three significant changes in browser policies that urged Chrome browser add-on developers to adapt to these changes:


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