Besttoolbars Publishes List of The Top 5 Essential Features for a Cashback Browser Plug In

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

The browser tool bar and add-on developers BestToolBars have published a definitive list of the five essential features any cashback browser plug in must have.

The list runs down the most effective browser cashback plug in features, compiled after extensive research and several years experience building plug ins for businesses in the coupons and cashback industry.

Valery Kuznetsov, Key Projects Manager at Besttoolbars said, There are certain features that every cashback browser plugin must have. These features are standard for the existing market, and are proved to be highly effective. Our customer statistics shows that a cashback plugin implemented with these features brings in above 30% of the total commissions an online cashback company received from all of its users.

Classed as the singe most important feature is a notification slider, which helps to ensure the user never forgets to implement the affiliate code at the moment of purchase. The unobtrusive slider does not impact on the user experience while reminding they are always aware of the cashback opportunities.

The second on the list is SERP injection. This displays the cashback companys icon next to relevant listings on the search engine results pages. This option means that the online shopper is always aware of cashback opportunities.

Cross-browser support is the third most essential feature, this removes the requirement of building multiple versions of the plugin to remain compatible with the various different browsers.

A plugin menu with the users cashback balance is also critical. BestToolBars describe this functionality as being both convenient and user friendly. Valery Kuznetsov added, This feature is not just fun to use as it lets you see how your account balance grows, the plugin menu is a valuable real-estate that you can use to display your promoted merchants or deals in a non-intrusive way, when user is checking for their account balance.

Finally, cashback browser plug in developers were urged to incorporate notification suppression technology. This feature means the cashback notification will only be shown at the right moment, minimizing the prospect of user annoyance.

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About Besttoolbars: Besttoolbars is a company well known for creating browser toolbars and add-ons. It has worked with an array of global brands, from start-ups to high-profile Fortune 500 corporations including Amazon, Skype, IBM, DHL, TNT and Intel. More than 7000 companies currently use solutions created on the Besttoolbars platform. Its product line includes:

Toolbar Studio: IDE for designing toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox

Add-ons Framework: Framework for building add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera

Besttoolbars also offers a number of services to help businesses integrate their products with desktops and mobile phones. It provides custom browser development, add-ons, add-ins and mobile app development.

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