Better (and More) Congressional Member Information

Better (and More) Congressional Member Information
We've also added more details about lawmakers' web sites, including the address and the URL of the RSS feed, if one is present. There are a number of official congressional sites that do not use RSS, and if you want to retrieve press releases from them …
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Do QR Codes Kill Kittens?
The biggest problem, he says, is that only a vanishingly small portion of consumers knows what they are, has the ability and knowledge to use them, and, most importantly, actually does scan them. … Other QR code fails Stratten's photos expose are on …
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BART strike: Suck it up, San Francisco
Invisible, that is, until they go on strike and somehow inconvenience the lords of the economy: the techies, entrepreneurs, financiers, and bloggers who generate the most wealth and fancy themselves the center of the Bay Area's universe. That's what …
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