Beyond Algorithms: To Make Services Even More Client-Focused, SEO Partner Updates Color Coded System

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

SEO Partner, the expert SEO services company founded by SuperFastBusiness CEO and Internet marketing leader James Schramko, recently announced one simple, yet highly significant, addition to their website promotion process. This additional service aims to further help clients be more engaged, more hands-on and constantly updated on their campaign to make their website more visible and credible to their target market.

The update is connected with the innovative color coding system that the team has developed over the previous months and has successfully launched this March. Following its implementation, client sites are categorized into three groups: red, yellow and green. The color code classifications are based on factors such as the health of the website, its link profile and history.

With the newest development, clients can now view the color code of their website anytime they need to by accessing their account information via Zendesk, the customer service platform used for clients of SEOP and other companies managed or owned by SuperFastBusiness. Clients just need to log in to the tickets assigned to them to view the color classification of their website in real time. Since color codes can change during the course of the work done by the SEOP team and due to updates in search engine policies, having access to a running update of the status of their website is similar to having a free SEO website check as part of the SEOP service package.

For the SEOP team, the color codes are a systematic way of informing them about which approach is the best to take in order to get good and sustainable results for each particular project. For many clients, knowing whether their websites need more help (red), are being handled with kid gloves (yellow), or will get great results fast (green) enables them to align their strategies accurately with the work of the SEOP team towards a more successful outcome.

Red sites are those with a previous bad link history, which SEOP will work hard to make sure to remove and replace with high quality links. Yellow sites are usually new sites with a low link profile that need careful management in order to ensure the right mix of good links are in place. Meanwhile, green sites are those that can get the very best results due to having a good history, plenty of backlinks, and a good mix of anchor text.

One of the main benefits of the viewable color codes is it allows clients to keep track of any significant developments especially the ones that may threaten the health of their websites and work on obtaining a suitable solution for the problem immediately. Having a fast response system is a critical advantage for managing issues such as over-optimization or facing possible Google penalty hits. More than just a simple information service, the viewable color codes becomes a highly effective crisis prevention tool.

With clients having real-time, on-demand access to the status of their websites, SEOPartner shows that real, results-oriented SEO work is not just about crunching numbers and beating algorithms. The best SEO companies know that the most effective way to promote a website and make sure it enjoys the spotlight it deserves is to deliver focused, tailored services based on proven and tested methods developed by a dynamic team.

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