BF – ATTN DICE Please FIX THIS in Battlefield 3

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20 Responses to BF – ATTN DICE Please FIX THIS in Battlefield 3

  1. ymes2 says:

    Indeed, Jesus Christ is coming soon ! Are you ready ? Turn To JESUS CHRIST – God of Creation, and you will be saved !

  2. HDNitroGaming says:

    This happens on my sever!

  3. Ethan Jackson says:

    im in the ps3 and i get this message every time i play it .its sucks please fix it

  4. Gabriell Camanse says:

    I play on ps3 mother of god i try to join a server it says connection lost it only works a sometimes and its fucking annoying i checked my interent and shit.

  5. kingnizzle2000 says:

    not on console you loses everything as long you been disconnected

  6. RagoziHD says:

    Nope, all of your stats are saved

  7. zjapp says:


  8. kingnizzle2000 says:

    Imagine…. Gulf of Oman 1500 tickets… You are #1 in your whole team… Very intense game with your friends about a hour in with only 500 more tickets left your team is winning…. Then all of a sudden this shit happens… I’m fucking piss mane because I had 12000 points all down the drain because of ea stupid servers… Shit depressing guys

  9. kingnizzle2000 says:

    Boy oh boy…. Where do I start? First of all this isn’t the first Time this happen to me, and I’ve been putting this out for some time now thinking it would get fix but I guess dice don’t really see it as agent, because there are all pc players! But I’m putting this on my list to get some answers.. I live bf3 and I’ll hate to go back to cod

  10. steve081372 says:

    Call EA at (800) 543-5435. I had some similar issues with my server as well as the server limiting slots, such as a 24 player Rush or Conquest game mode, but it limits it to 8 or 16 players. I called and had it escalated and they gave me a new server.

  11. Luigi93180 says:

    If EA didn’t exist, BF3 would not exit because they designed it (and screwed it up)

  12. TheMaffiamaster says:

    25th of semptember

  13. ManUTDvids says:

    i renewed my server 2nd time for 90 days now its always empty, my friends join and w8, no1 shows up , pathetic

  14. alekzander2010 says:

    I lose connection to EA online ALL the time…. Apparently EA hates anything in Latin America…

  15. Sanchez14USMC says:

    I lose connection every once in a while. But its never happened when I was in the RD’s server.

  16. going2kick1397 says:

    Wtf were Geting Play 1st the crap Of the extra dlc And now with ak I mean did dice think Umm let me c let’s give the attacker The ac130 a antrac and Tanks

  17. MrVijfhoek says:

    It doesn’t happen for PCs. Not sure how they managed to mess thiss up..

  18. PaNDaSNiP3R says:

    EA is prob the worst game company out there..if it wasnt for EA BF3 would be the best fps out right now..EA screws up all the games they are connected to.

  19. ptothelahey says:

    this has happened to me also!

  20. Martin Jaszczuk says:

    EA is what made me hesitant to buy BF3 in the first place…

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