BF – Battlefield 4 Modern Warfare

Battlefield 4 is staying in the Modern day setting? Or will it move into the future? • Twitter: • Like on Facebook: • Google +: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – BREAKING NEWS – Gaming & Tech Industry • VGN – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sources Joystiq: Check out ControllerCare for top of the line custom controllers. Use the code “TRD” for a discount. | For custom controllers contact “TigerControllers” on Skype “Battlefield 4″ Battlefield3 “Battlefield 3″ gameplay multiplayer future 2142 online “Karl magnus troedsson” PC Xbox360 PS3 console CoD Modern Warfare MoH “Medal of Honor” BF3 BF4 Battlefield4 setting “Bad Company 3″ BFBC3
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19 Responses to BF – Battlefield 4 Modern Warfare

  1. Jayant Singh says:

    I like battlefield series because they are realistic…. Have real weapons and vehicles, the military feel.

  2. demitri Sokolov says:

    No relation dumbass

  3. el.hebri labidi says:


  4. Tony McQuiggan says:

    has anybody noticed that the first guy replied to himself?

  5. Tom sprouster says:

    Its good its going modern day but they need something new something that will intrest people and make us want to buy it

  6. flappyearlobes1 says:

    Yes! I had my fingers crossed for modern day. If it’s futuristic, the game just doesn’t seem as realistic, no matter how good the graphics. Ya want future, get Halo 4

  7. FrankDaTank1218 says:

    You just listed a bunch of reasons in response to me asking “how is BF3 revolutionary” Its a consolized BF2. That’s all it really is.

  8. mortendfds says:

    No one said anything about being “revolutionary” :) the classes where remade so ex. you as a support guy dont carry medic anymore you now carry ammo .. this made a change in the game play .. specially in clan battles =)

  9. AcHr4f360 says:

    fucking kids ..

  10. RageFever69 says:

    The man sent that message to himself… Welcome to the internet.

  11. xraycat30 says:

    Although I believe that BF is the franchise king, it is getting a little old constantly playing the same type of game with beter graphics and a few upgrades. However, I believe that the BF2142 didn’t sell as much as hoped when released on the PC. So it would be a ballsy move for EA to try a whole new genre again. Personally, I’d like to see Battlefield:KOREA-1951. Whatever they make next, it will still be a lot better than COD.

  12. trabuco9 says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen i present you the death of yet another loved videogame franchise by a greedy corporation

  13. MrAlexmbat says:

    Fuck metacritic.

  14. Kristijan Gregorec says:

    bfbc2 12 million copies…bf3 15 million copies…acually the reception of both was very similar…BFB2: metacritic87% (PC),88% (PS3/X360), BF3:metacritic:(PC)86.82%,(PS3) 84.71%,(X360) 84.61%…bfbc2:IGN: 9.5 bf3:IGN:9.0 ,…BF3,BFBC2: gamespot:8.5(both) … basically BFBC2 had a bit better reception…but difference between the two is not even worth mentioning………

  15. TheHowlettJames says:

    Not saying that there shouldn’t be another BC game just not one before BF4. AND ONLY SOLD 3 MILLION!!, your not very good at math are you?! first off your figures aren’t exactly spot on and second 3 millions copies of a game that sold about 60-70 dollars each is a shit load of money. AAAAAAND bf3 was a better received game by both fans and critics

  16. Kristijan Gregorec says:

    BF3 sold only 3 more million copies than BFBC2… but you obviously haven’t checked the facts, since BF3 had more commercialization…..there was a lot more money spent on publishing BF3 than on BFBC2…

  17. TheHowlettJames says:

    suuuuurrrre buddy! you mean just the crybaby pathetic fanboys, the sales figures say otherwise.

  18. Kristijan Gregorec says:

    I just think there is just too many modern day shooter… BF3(which is still very good so I would be satisfied enough with only new maps), BFBC2, Medal of Honor 2010, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Counter Strike Global Offensive, CoD MW, CoD M2, CoD MW3,CoD BO(I know a lot of you would say it’s historical, but bassicaly, it’s not) + many other games

  19. Kristijan Gregorec says:

    the majority of people would disagree…go look on videos BF3 vs Bad Company 2 and you’ll se what the community wants…really..go look..

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