BF3 Showdown – Crossbow Ammo Types! (Normal vs Balanced vs HE)

BF3 Showdown - Crossbow Ammo Types! (Normal vs Balanced vs HE)

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22 thoughts on “BF3 Showdown – Crossbow Ammo Types! (Normal vs Balanced vs HE)

  1. I know scan bolt is probably bad but i didn’t mean you should use the scan bolt i just said that it’s somthing you can live without and i also said that tugs and mav is usefull, ofcourse they are 🙂

  2. Another issue is, i think that they kinda were especting it for recon cause all the other kits/classes loose somthing verry usefull like c4 on supp and med pack on assult and eniginer loose rpg/smaw but the recon only loose the tugs or mav ofc mav and tugs is usefull aswell but it’s somthing you can live without, but for me i can’t live without c4 or smaw or med pack 🙂 What do you think?

  3. Hey intheworks I really do aggree with you for the XBow to be a good Marksman sidearm. I allways play Boltaction Snipers but my problem allways was that I couldn´t go for a Silencer cause otherwise I would´ve had a big disadvantage against other Snipers, but without the Silencer it was really difficult to go into smaller Maps I was allways cought after few shots. Now with the Reddot XBow its more easy to keep up with my Squad and still stay hidden.

  4. @intheworksmedia Your guide is wrong. Go watch TheRussianBadger’s video, that one is the best because it includes the chest multiplier. Also don’t say you will talk about a bolt when you don’t actually say anything about it (Scanner Bolt). Just some constructive criticism.

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