BF3 Showdown – MP7 vs PP-2000

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19 Responses to BF3 Showdown – MP7 vs PP-2000

  1. ItsJacobyLee says:

    mp7 all the way

  2. DoDoWeBaSgUyNoOb04 says:

    P90 vs pp-19 thats a comparable showdown

  3. MrWemo09 says:

    Erm lets think… Oh yeah. The MP7 absolutely kicks ass!! Ill choose that one.

  4. luluman lulu says:

    what class r you using?

  5. SmokeySmokesBigBud says:

    pp2000 vs mp7? sorry but thats not a showdown thats an humiliation

  6. MrTaylGunner says:

    Dang straight!

  7. liw5215 says:

    get a overall score of 34000

  8. SonicspyroYuri says:


  9. pitdirt1072 says:

    ofc 40 is nice so obviously i meant the standard 20 round mag

  10. ThePandemic101 says:

    That’s because it’s meant to be used differently than the mp7.

  11. ThePandemic101 says:

    Low mag? The pp-2000 holds 40 rounds with extended mags.

  12. Arthur Nail says:

    i would say pp-2000 cause i just dont feel like doing the co-op

  13. Ahmad Wajid says:

    I love both so I can’t say

  14. SuperBoejoe says:

    Mp7 by far!

  15. pitdirt1072 says:

    yeh the pp-2000 is amazing only thing letting it down is the low mag capacity but really nice for TDM on canals

  16. alvin bird says:

    pp-2000 doesnt suck. you guys just suck with it. I love raping Mp7 users with the pp-2000

  17. dreadphantom123 says:

    mp7 mp7 mp7 mp7 mp7 mp7 mp7 mp7 mp7 pp2000 sucks! 

  18. HorstEwald says:

    I tried it a few times and was pretty surprised how well it worked, but man . . . it’s so damn ugly xD

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