Bieber back on top for rare third time

Bieber back on top for rare third time
… websites remove the pictures, citing an invasion of privacy. The UK singles chart saw R City's Locked Away, featuring Adam Levine, rise one place to number two, while Sam Smith's Writing on the Wall slipped to three. A new entry into the top 100 …
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What does future hold for football? A look ahead to Super Bowl 100
Fifty, in football, means Mike Singletary, good field position and the best possible seat for a spectator. But bear in mind, as the NFL celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl with those golden number 50s on each stadium's 50-yard line—that …
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Verizon to use mobile supercookie to target AOL ads to customers
The company has updated its privacy policy, saying that it now shares unique identifying information about users of its mobile phone network with the AOL Advertising Network, which claims as customers 74 of the top 100 websites tracked by ComScore.
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