BIG3 – The New Toronto Video Agency Making an Impression, and Getting Results

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

Torontos BIG3 Video Agency is a healthy alternative to the large, all-encompassing ad agencies, and a giant leap in quality from the results of cheaply produced online videos. They fit right in the middle – providing quality high definition video, and marketing campaigns, without the heavy price tag of a larger ad agency. Online video is all they do, and they do it well.

The BIG3 Strategy:

The BIG3 online marketing portfolio is a testament to their approach in creating online videos that are diverse, and work on several levels. By maintaining high standards in video quality, clarity of message, like-ability, and share-ability, they marry message with emotion. They create ads that bring value by not just getting views, but also keeping the audience engaged.

Engagement is the name of the game. The more interest a viewer has in a product, program, or service, the more engagement that company will get in return. In addition to positioning brands in new and exciting ways, BIG3 also brings the F and F factor Fun and Funny permeates everything they do!

BIG3 Gets Results:

BIG3 works with a number of ad networks, social media companies, SEO specialists, and portals, in order to push your video in the right direction. They also provide social media consultation to help you get it out there.

As an example – BIG3 helped their client Green Lotus promote their inaugural social media workshop with a video that saw returns over 10 times the intended result, all from one carefully placed online ad. Now Green Lotus is expanding successfully. What worked? BIG3 created a video centered around a pig named Doug, the mascot of the Donate & Learn Social Media Workshop. The video was funny, likeable, and shareable. At the workshop participants even asked (sincerely) if Doug was going to be there!

Companies like GoPro and Old Spice have gone to great lengths to run online video campaigns, with amazing success. BIG3, in one video, created a huge turnout! When placed in a strategic campaign over a year, the results can be even more staggering. The compounding engagement can create views that have been proven over time to result in new, loyal, and repeated customers.

BIG3 Understands Client Needs:

BIG3 offers a variety of online video services tailored to client needs, and always handles clients with care and responsibility. They work with the client through discovery sessions, to find a point where everyone is happy with the creation. They encourage participation in the development process, understanding that no one knows your business better than you do. Their job is to understand a clients business (primary message, desired result) and extrapolate an engaging vision that will serve all parties, and most importantly, the targeted online audience.

What the video allowed us to do was gain a personal connection with people, to entertain, encourage comments, and engagement. With a great video the audience forgets that they are being pushed a message, instead – it is something they are interacting with!

Ive worked with a lot of agencies and when you do a video marketing campaign, it can really push an agency to its limits because of all the factors involved.

With BIG3, I was pleasantly surprised because they were getting things done well in advance of my deadlines We even had an extra week to use the video in our campaign!

Bassem Ghali, Founder of Green Lotus, and the Donate & Learn Workshop initiative.

BIG3 Video Agency: 1 Yonge Street – Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1E5. Tel: (416) 989 0315

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