Bike test: PIAGGIO MP3 LT

It’s amazing that it has taken this long for someone to think of it…The Piaggio MP3 LT is a scooter that you can ride with just a normal (car) driving license. How? Why? You might well ask…well, it’s a three-wheeled scooter.
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12 thoughts on “Bike test: PIAGGIO MP3 LT

  1. No not for me. I have a Burgman 400 2009 ABS and if I compare with the video the Burgman let you extend your legs or put them in other position. I can’t imagine myself riding the MP3 like you are sitting in a chair for 350Km. It is a nice scoot that MP3 with a lot of possibility but the man in that video his legs is 90 degrees’ and the pedal at the floor… It is out now.

  2. I’ve had mine (250) for more than 3.5 years now. I’m still loving it. Great for the daily commute and easy on the gas, it only costs me about $10 to fill each week vs. $40 to fill my car for the same amount of driving.

  3. “The Piaggio MP3, because of the close spacing of its front wheels, is considered to be a two-wheeled open motorcycle by Transport Canada. It can be registered as a motorcycle. Anyone taking his/her road test on the Piaggio MP3, will receive an unrestricted M class licence.”

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