Bike test: PIAGGIO MP3 LT

It’s amazing that it has taken this long for someone to think of it…The Piaggio MP3 LT is a scooter that you can ride with just a normal (car) driving license. How? Why? You might well ask…well, it’s a three-wheeled scooter.
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12 Responses to Bike test: PIAGGIO MP3 LT

  1. 1864oktobar says:

    Where is the front left bumper on the 400cc in test?:)

  2. TheDatnikajay says:


  3. carolanivey says:

    They’re coming out with an 800cc engine soon. That should have a little zip. :)

  4. Steve82798 says:

    And very dangerous too mate. btw i have mp3 250, its not bad but I just rides it in the city or country side not first.

  5. blackiesixx71 says:

    Mp3 400 lt….the future is now!three wheels is better!

  6. dellalain1964 says:

    No not for me. I have a Burgman 400 2009 ABS and if I compare with the video the Burgman let you extend your legs or put them in other position. I can’t imagine myself riding the MP3 like you are sitting in a chair for 350Km. It is a nice scoot that MP3 with a lot of possibility but the man in that video his legs is 90 degrees’ and the pedal at the floor… It is out now.

  7. unixgeekdave says:

    I’ve had mine (250) for more than 3.5 years now. I’m still loving it. Great for the daily commute and easy on the gas, it only costs me about $10 to fill each week vs. $40 to fill my car for the same amount of driving.

  8. jimmygreenup says:

    ‘Does it make any sense?’ NO! It does not, that is why it is AWESOME

  9. rinaldodelucca says:

    “The Piaggio MP3, because of the close spacing of its front wheels, is considered to be a two-wheeled open motorcycle by Transport Canada. It can be registered as a motorcycle. Anyone taking his/her road test on the Piaggio MP3, will receive an unrestricted M class licence.”

  10. nomeinvisivel says:


  11. pufixas says:

    I have Zip. I love it! :)

  12. fullofcolourart says:

    I have the MP3 400 LT i can cruise all day at 70mph. very good on the motorway.

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