Bill Clinton’s Full DNC Speech – Elections 2012

Former President Bill Clinton addresses the Democratic National Convention. Click here to see more videos from the DNC:
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19 thoughts on “Bill Clinton’s Full DNC Speech – Elections 2012

  1. The WASP species, in all its glory, hailing one tyrant and Israeli puppet warmonger after the other. Luckily they’re wiping themselves off the face of the planet and the world will suffer no longer, but will cheer.

  2. I vote to abolish the amendment that says a president can only serve two terms, and get Bill back in office. This country has not seen a better time since Clinton was in office. Just sayin’.

  3. What though our rights have been assailed? What though by foes weve been despoiled? Jehovahs promise has not failed; Jehovahs purpose is not foiled. Jehovahs purpose is not foiled. Though Satan rage, tis all in vain; The words the ancient prophet spoke sure as the throne of God remain; Nor men nor devils can revoke. Nor men nor devils can revoke. Orson Pratt (Mormon Apostle) 1878

  4. Quote: “There are already more than 3 million jobs open and unfilled in America, mostly because the people who’ve applied for them don’t yet have the skills to do them”. Translation: America can’t fill it’s own jobs, because the labor force is too stupid to fill them. Reaction: The crowd cheers. Hmmmmmm.

  5. You actually think words written by a web designer for Romney are true to what he actually believes? Try comparing his current stances to his stances just two years ago. Then proceed to laugh at your own stupidity.

  6. Way to assume and completely ignore my other comments. I choose not to watch ANY news media as it’s all about ratings. Both Fox and MSNBC are guilty of it. As are all the others. I choose to get my information from actual research. I read the documents produced by both sides of the government for myself. I read publications and articles personally written by candidates and I compare any stances or ideals stated with what they’ve said in the past to check for consistency.

  7. Don’t care to much about war, let the dumbies go die, helps population control. I brought up Kroc because the way he treats his employess. So keep assuming, and keep looking like an idiot. I measure success differently than you I guess. You mean what they had other built. Obviously you’re not intelligent enough to figure their is no corporation without workers. I am already successful, at least my definition of it. Not envious of success but mournful for his employees who barely survive.

  8. Obama has done everything Bush did in the way of the War. The timeline is that of Bush’s withdrawl from the war. You brought up Kroc. You didn’t even know his name, you certainly are only envious of his success. If you ask anyone for a job, you have no right to complain. GEt off your ass and create one instead of being envious of what THEY BUILT! Without Kroc, there were no jobs! You are not intelligent enough to get it. Stay envious of success. It will hold you back.

  9. Bill Clinton’s a boss this speech was supposed to be bout half the length of what it was he just kept going with more stuff and he had to keep stopping because people kept clapping

  10. gravity has no bearing on economics. Romney said he would do everything Obama has done. Clinton can’t be blamed for for .commers. No employees no money. Who knows if Kroc wasnt around, I know I wouldnt have to see the eye-sores everywhere. People dont ask the rich for the right to survive. Without employees, Roy Kroc is just a cup salesman. He wouldn’t have billions of dollars, he would barely have thousands. Barely a rich man who is because of his effort alone

  11. He signed it. The point is that Dems and Reps are both against the American people. Both are bought and paid for by international bankers. If America is ever going to be a prosperous nation again we need to stop group think team picking and start using our brains. Outlaw fractional reserve banking, repeal the federal reserve act, cap the amount of money politicians can use for their campaigns, rethink copyright laws, return civil liberties, limit the governments role in our lives….etc etc…

  12. “Romney is talking about cutting everyones taxes, reducing loopholes and increasing revenue while doing it.” Bullshit. Keep watching Fox news and buying into Mitt’s shadow-written speeches. You’re the type of person who makes our country look stupid to the rest of the world.

  13. If you can pull yourself away from ms.nbc long enough,you can go to romney’s site and read it for yourself. I know facts are not your thing. Stick to ms.nbc, it suits you. Don’t read the facts for God’s sake, just whine.

  14. You must not have been alive when Reagan was President. Romney is talking about cutting everyones taxes, reducing loopholes and increasing revenue while doing it. THAT has been proven to work. Clinton used supply side economics as well as Reagan. Clinton had the fortune of Entrepreneurs taking the internet commercial. Internet bubble ring any bells? Gravity does not allow anything to trickle up, except an upside down pyramid scheme. WHAT IF THERE WERE NO RAY KROC? Spell his name correct

  15. Clinton has been the best president in my lifetime. either way, Romney isn;t promising anything different than to cut taxes for the rich. double down on trickle down as Mr. Clinton says. Even though most corporations dont trickle down. They’ll cut wages and jobs to give themselves a bigger bonus What if Roy Crock had to flip every burger, take every order, build every stove. But yet Mcdonald employees’s barely make enough to live, while Crock family has more than they could ever spend

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