Bill Nye the Science Guy- Evolution (1/2)

Bill Nye video on evolution.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Bill Nye the Science Guy- Evolution (1/2)

  1. Jean-Luc Picard says:

    Actually he was agnostic. Thanks for playing.

  2. Charles Richter says:

    Anybody can believe in god, that’s whats so great about it. It takes intelligence to question the existence of a god and try to explain things using evidence.

  3. zvermilyer3 says:

    The Universe exists. That’s all the evidence I need. I accept the Big Bang Theory, but the idea that the Big Bang happened all by itself seems highly unlikely to me. Something had to have caused it, and I believe that that something was God. Anyway, you completely missed the point of my original comment: it’s possible to both believe in God _and_ accept evolution. That’s all I was trying to say.

  4. Charles Richter says:

    Everyone believed in a god back then you idiot. The only way to get a good education was to allow yourself to be indoctrinated into the church. Unfortunately for the church, once you become scientifically literate you see the world from a different perspective. A perspecitve that allows you to ask for evidence, which no religion can give.

  5. Keith Wolter says:

    I mean not to diminish your faith, but it was falsely rumored by Charles Darwin’s nurse that he changed faith in his passing hours. Later Charles Darwin’s family refused the claim of Charles Darwin turning to God. Who do you believe a nurse, or the Family?

  6. zvermilyer3 says:

    Did you know that: Charles Darwin believed in God? Now you know.

  7. fateswarm1 says:

    They even both stop to say “Now, (what we have to do is..)” while staring into the distance.

  8. grant93321 says:

    haha, I thought i was the only one who noticed that. I’m mean its not the dame, but it reminded me of obama when i listened to him talk.

  9. Nikola Petrovic says:

    The truth about life & death is more important, because it can change your life forever. Check it for y0urself –> go on truthcontest,com and read ”The Present”

  10. bluecoyote9 says:


  11. bluecoyote9 says:

    Whats the evidence?

  12. Alex Mazurek says:

    “DON’T DRINK IT!” Well, I wasn’t planning to… until you said don’t drink it, now I have a sudden urge to do so. Reverse psychology, kid! 😛

  13. fateswarm1 says:

    Barack Obama and Carl Sagan talk alike.

  14. xxgamerbitexx says:

    both are true. nuff said

  15. Usul573 says:

    Made by god? Any evidence? Don’t you see that people in Japan, Africa, and Norway look different? Don’t you see that children are a blend of genetics of their parents? Evolution has been heavily studied and worked with in our labs. Mix of reproduction, mutation, natural selection, and more.

  16. Itseasyifyoutry says:

    =D YUP

  17. mamushi72sai5575 says:

    the major subdivision of a genus or subgenus, regarded as the basic category of biological classification, composed of related individuals that resemble one another, are able to breed among themselves, but are not able to breed with members of another species.

  18. thegreatninjaman says:

    this is an episode that wasnt shown in utah XD

  19. RebelForceCommand says:

    They are all giraffes. This does not change, nor is there any evidence of change. There is an observable species that all data says persists even if we have difficulty scientifically identifying what a species is. I would say its a specific line of DNA that never changes obviously. Of course evolutionary non science will not make an effort to create this way of defining a species.

  20. gooboberti says:

    Bill Nye, oh my childhood. I really forgot how excellent of a teacher he is/was.

  21. Raymond Josh says:

    My penis is just slightly longer to give me a slightly higher chance to get laid, than my mates; evolution applies to everything!

  22. kyral210 says:

    This is actually really good! The best way to explain evolution to kids!

  23. Suprchkn747 says:

    To all the religious people, maybe god used evolution to create our universe. Science hasn’t been able to disprove the existance of god, just some of what’s in the bible

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