Billy Ahmed Launches – Creates New Paradigm In Online Marketing

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 19 September 2014

Sometimes a great existing idea can be improved upon, and become an outstanding idea. This is what Billy Ahmed is going to do with his newly launched Billy is leveling the playing field, and giving everyone the chance to advertise online on a Homepage with high traffic volume. There is no other site on the Internet that presently offers this value, a Block of ad space for a low cost that is theirs for a lifetime. is based on a simple concept. The Homepage is broken-up into 10,000 Blocks of 10×10 pixels. Each Block will be sold for $ 500.00. The advertiser has a permanent ad space, while at the same time becoming part of history. The SEO value is enormous, and the Ad is actually a hot link to the online advertisers website. After all of the Blocks are sold, this will undoubtedly become the Worlds Most Expensive Homepage, and probably be in the Guinness World Records.

Purchasers can buy as many blocks as they desire to use as advertising. They can upload an image of their choice to be placed across the number of blocks they purchase. The image will be what best represents them, and when clicked will transfer the viewer to the online advertisers personal webpage. The blocks purchased can be to promote a product, business, company, Twitter link, Facebook link, anything at all.

During a recent interview, Billy Ahmed made these comments: The Worlds Most Expensive Homepage gives people the chance to be a part of this Internet marketing history in the making, while showcasing it for the whole world to see. The idea of selling 10 x10 Pixel Blocks is based on providing a space that can readily be seen by site visitors. Places are limited to the amount of blocks available, and then this rare advertising opportunity will be closed forever. has already created quite a buzz on the Internet Marketing Forums and Blogs.

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