Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg
Event on 2013-04-22 20:00:00

Supporting Acts: Kim Churchill

Billy Bragg

Singer/songwriter and Wilco collaborator Billy Bragg has announced his new album, “Tooth & Nail” will be released on March 19. Not including his work on the “Mermaid Avenue” trilogy, the album will be his first in five years. The album was inspired by, of all things, a tweet. After one of his fans referred to Bragg as, “the sherpa of heartache, guiding us all up the hill,” Bragg decided to turn his songwriting chops toward the plight of the personal rather than his usual realm of politics. “Most people, when they hear my name, think of polemical anthems born in struggle,” Bragg said in a news release. “I often find myself having to remind people that I am also the Sherpa of Heartbreak, writing songs about the struggle to maintain our relationships with those we love the most.” It’s been over a quarter century since Billy Bragg took the stage for his first solo gig at North London Polytechnic. Since then our Billy has traveled the world and spoken to everybody twice. He has recorded hit singles, composed Top Ten albums, penned political anthems sung at rallies, kept alive traditional English folk songs, put his own spin on America’s greatest folk catalog and sung his heart out doing so. He has appeared on both MTV and late night highbrow chat shows, singing his mind on the first and speaking his mind on the latter. Building a career which has shaped the face of alternative folk-rock across the globe. We can't wait to see what he has to bring to us next!

at Rams Head on Stage
33 West Street
Annapolis, United States

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