Bing beats Google in Microsoft chief executive switch

Bing beats Google in Microsoft chief executive switch
Having announced India-born Satya Nadella, 46, was taking over as chief executive of Microsoft from Steve Ballmer, Bing immediately led with a news story on the change while a search for “Microsoft CEO” left Google stuck serving outdated information.
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Startups see healthy future for Google Glass in medicine
Among the tech elite, Google Glass is a sleek symbol of minimalist, futuristic cool. But several startups see deeper potential in Glass: the ability to heal wounds and save lives. Pristine in Los Angeles makes the app EyeSight, which enables physicians …
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For Google, a leg up in the artificial intelligence arms race
FORTUNE — Google's executives have long dreamed of solving one of the technology industry's biggest riddles. How do you predict what people want — hockey scores or new Ugg boots, for example — before they even ask for it? Reading user's minds, or at …
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