25 Replies to “BioByte 101 – What is biotechnology?”

  1. its already there..neanderthal man became extinct we still live..we are apes too like chimps and gorillas..and if u look at animals its not only dogs and wolves…

  2. This is more of a Bio 101 question, but someone please help me out. Why doesn’t evolution produce a wider array of organisms. With such a high quantity of possible mutations within a species, why not have more variety in a particular genus or species? The dog is a good example of this principal in action, but I can’t think of another that would fulfil this hypothetical. This is NOT a religious or theological argument, this is a science-based inquiry, so no bull$#!& please…

  3. Biotechnology has produced things like insulin, vaccines such as POLIO, and even beer…before the word biotechnology was coined. Don’t be so hard on it.

  4. people who come on youtube to teach obnoxious people a lesson are just as bad as the people who troll, leave them alone, they clearly just want attention, so just don’t give it to them. if they make you angry they win. peace.

  5. not appropriate. If you don’t like his presentation, don’t watch it. What about you’re places are inverted, eh? You’re in the video and he commented “Nice Vid! go shut up and die!”, how would you feel? He tried hard to explain BioTechnology at this point! YOU DON’T EVEN CARE.

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