BioShock Infinite – The Revolutionary AI Behind Elizabeth

Creative director Ken Levine and Irrational’s Liz Squad walk us through the AI behind BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hoodholmes666 says:

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  2. Вася Петров says:

    I am too.6 hours tiil it unlock in the Russia.

  3. Blaze Hienrichs says:

    10 hours till it unlocks in the uk >.< cant wait

  4. Sparta Gives U says:

    Bioshock infinite Was A Real city the founding father made that city then in 18like 80s we saw the song bird then in 9=1890 we found a random building fall in it was the sky hook and the fire key and we all were wondering were that random city was.

  5. CrackersNew says:

    Get your key now!!! Every day 30keys for next 5 days!! Game ‘ll be able to download tomorow!! —>

  6. Aizen Sousuke says:

    Sure or not? It’s out on torrents man xD

  7. palbo nerru says:

    Girl’s just wanna have fun is the music you hear shortly after getting Elizabeth to stop dancing, not the jig music you hear while she’s dancing. It is faint, but turning up your volume may help. You’ll make the commentary louder but you can head the in-game sounds better too.

  8. racoonknux49 says:

    >fucking gliding down the stairs

  9. CraigKepp says:

    i love that i already have this alright, cannot wait to download via steam.

  10. gammameggon says:

    Elizabeth is 19. Who’d tap that?

  11. Brandon Case says:

    I’m so ridiculously excited. I have no eyes for the spoilers! Too focused on the video :).

  12. Vinnie11722 says:

    Please guys go to my channel for Bioshock Infinite Soundtrack and in — game songs ! Trailer songs too :)

  13. Raymond Seger says:

    just pretend it’s not the real ending, you haven’t played it, so you don’t know the ending. Don’t get your expectation high from the ending though.

  14. Raymond Seger says:

    the ending is not revolutionary. It actually pissed me off. Incredibly beautiful and great game though. I really recommends it. One of the best game i played. But the ending is soooo pissing me off, see my video: ?v=9KHdcBvpEvM

  15. Noah Brownfield says:


  16. Noah Brownfield says:

    I’m gonna trust you CBC

  17. cringlator says:

    Do not look at the lower comments thy jaw spoilers

  18. AngryGunOwner says:

    Neat but calling it “revolutionary” is a stretch.

  19. Yolo SwagCOD says:

    Want a pic from the end :)?

  20. puckstoppr0 says:

    Dude, it’s obviously a fake spoiler. Nobody actually knows what happens yet, the game isn’t even out yet xD

  21. Yolo SwagCOD says:

    The End like Mass effect 3 End You can´t understand it whit a DLC 😉

  22. ArtisticHorizon says:


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