Biotech Scientist: It’s ‘Awesome’ if GMOs Cause Death, Infertility

Anthony Gucciardi speaks with the Alex Jones Infowars Daily Show stand-in host Mike Adams of NaturalNews to discuss a letter sent to Anthony from a confirmed biotech scientist source proclaiming that it is ‘awesome’ if GMOs cause infertility and death. Learn more:

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16 Responses to Biotech Scientist: It’s ‘Awesome’ if GMOs Cause Death, Infertility

  1. Francisco Acosta says:

    Giselle that is the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time…. Cancer isn’t a virus you dumbass you obviously didn’t study science you don’t even know what cancer is wtf are you talking about

  2. kathmondar91 says:

    Overpopulation is ONLY a PROBLEM because of INDUSTRIALIZATION and industrial farming!!! Fuck that GMO scientist. Wake the fuck up.

  3. Giselle Wilding says:

    I feel sad I studied science;worked all those years for a big pharma company that knowingly sold vaccines with cancer virus’s and have two sons doing biotech doctorates. We have to sell our souls.

  4. Giselle Wilding says:

    The common cold is a virus and we need to have out immune systems primed by the odd infection.We must not eradicate the common cold.

  5. kg2679 says:

    Why wont you give the name? More fear mongering. How much does Jones pay you guys? I can hype the shit out of anything for the right price…Yeah never mind I like my soul

  6. stephen k says:

    musculine? ROFL

  7. stephen k says:

    Overpopulation? It wouldn’t be a problem without the corporations who poison the earth and humanity with their garbage and the governments who prop them up. “Science” has been hijacked by evil shitfaces. They use science and scientists to make weaponry, molest nature and poison the earth and it’s inhabitants. That’s the truth. There is much science that is good. But, the elephant in the room is perverse science. Wake up people. They’re also using science to control you and your mind.

  8. MrKevnzero says:

    I will stand by my statement. Modern science is inflexible, dogmatic, driven by corporate interests, puts desired outcomes before the desire to establish truth, and ignores contradictory data. The standard model is in collapse, and at a time when more intriguing questions loom than at any point in history, mainstream science seeks to prop up 19th century dogmas.

  9. bf1tz says:

    Science has absolutely nothing to do with religion. You stating that it has devolved as such shows how under-educated you are. For someone who claims to understand what “common” means with the “common” cold, your reference to our inability to cure a “common” cold indicates otherwise. The virus’s complexity and resulting cure are far from common. The reason the “common” cold hasn’t been cured is because it keeps evolving and becoming more resistant to drug treatments.

  10. MrKevnzero says:

    Science has devolved into a religious cult. Thanks for the ad hominem bullshit, but I think I’ll pass. And we ALL know what “common” as in common cold means.

  11. MrKevnzero says:

    Kool-Aid drinking moron. If you are so enamored of death, why are you still alive to shoot off your mouth?

  12. yancyslide1 says:

    Put the assholes name up or shut up !

  13. magomezga says:

    Usual conspiracy bullshit!! Alex Jones… the history of a cultural disease.

  14. Polydynamix says:

    As long as people keep thinking about themselves and their own brood overpopulation will continue to be a problem. It’s not about you and your brat, it’s about the species as a whole.

  15. reza44r says:

    Totally Agree, I have done extensive research on this and found out that Earth can provide for all humanity but most resources are kept by some greedy stupid elites

  16. kromeclutch says:

    I haven’t verified who wrote the email, so I’d be a sheep to accept it as true. I don’t understand why you’d censor the name.

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