Biotechnology at the Cutting Edge

Biotechnology at the Cutting Edge

Get an introduction to some of today’s top researchers and the basics of biotechnology biofuel, genetics, health, and agriculture. This video features interviews with four leading scientists in biotechnology who tell us what drew them to the field: Dr. Pardis Sabeti, Assistant Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University Dr. Jay Keasling, Chief Executive Officer, Joint BioEnergy Institute, US Department of Energy Dr. Karen Nelson, Director, Rockville, Maryland, Campus of the J. Craig Venter Institute Dr. Robert Fraley, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Monsanto Company Note: A version of this video is available in the “Science in American Life” exhibition at the National Museum of American History.
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  1. SmithsonianAmHistory says:

    Why thanks!

  2. devilnot6 says:

    Love <3

  3. SmithsonianAmHistory says:

    Thanks! We appreciate the kind words.

  4. Guram Beraia says:

    this is great, I really want to become a Biotechnologist

  5. SmithsonianAmHistory says:

    Thanks for your comment! We agree that it’s fascinating stuff.

  6. UpOnTron says:

    It’s amazing to think of what kind of incredible, crazy things you can actually do with this sort of technology. Right out of science fiction novels, man. Even more. The human race is plowing forward so fast, at such an incredible rate, it’s a terrible shame we right now won’t be able to see what the future is like. (Unless, you know, we can use biotechnology to double or triple our lifespan 😉 )

  7. nikeswagg17 says:

    im excited this is what im studying for in college.

  8. Tom LastTrainer says:

    So its really as simple as taking one gene of of one thing and putting it in another?

  9. Dalma Tálas says:

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  11. Man Nguyen Ngọc says:

    get more !!! 

  12. Esoparagon says:

    Do I have to help negros… I want to do fun stuff. lolz

  13. Wouter De Wolf says:

    I graduate in a couple of month an it’s very likely I’ll study biotechnology/biochemistry next year. Looking forward to it!

  14. prchecker says:

    some really good stuff here

  15. msjessypp says:

    love the video man

  16. ttwilkable says:

    great video thanks

  17. msjessypp says:

    some great inforamtion here thanks

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