Biotechnology & Gene Therapy

Project for Biology 111. 3dB. Wed Pm. Biotechnology Project on Gene Therapy. Rebecca Proctor, Chiquetta Silver, and Shamonia Wright.
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22 thoughts on “Biotechnology & Gene Therapy

  1. Why the shitty music, or just music at that? Something at least somewhat informative, as such, shouldn’t have music that has lyrics as a possible distraction. Now, yeah, you can always mute it but this would do so much better with voice audio explanations and presentation. If not, then why not just play some classical in the background instead of this crap?

  2. As physician and chemist, i shall say the book is not closed on this yet. We simply to not know, and not all of this is toward the Frankenstein application and such. Best not to jump all at once into conclusions. Rather we should say, let the research move ahead, but with caution and respect for life in forefront. Maybe it is your American system to judge by the tabloid nature. In Norway, we say “Bedre å leve gjennom kjemi!”

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