Biotechnology in the Labratory

Biotechnology in the Labratory

If you really want to understand biotechnology, just visit a laboratory. There you will meet some of the most brilliant and dedicated scientists in the world. Coming up with new cures for diseases and discovering new renewable fuels and helping to make the world’s farmers more productive. And what they do is astonishing! It all starts with a cell — the basis of life — the foundation of Biotechnology…
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  1. fastlane59 says:

    it’s the future…..I have a son in the UANL it’s the second generation of scientist on Biothecnology& Genoma …he has 4 more years and I am so proud of him

  2. StuScience says:

    Loving the head-turn at 2:13…

  3. ironearthboss says:


  4. GeGeMus12 says:

    lol “labratory”??? its laboratory

  5. blessing1246 says:

    i need a Job in Biotechnology , How Can I Get an Good Job in the field of Biotechnology

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