Biotechnology: The Invisible Revolution

Biotechnology: The Invisible Revolution
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  1. hpvicious says:

    this is why I’m studying biotechnology :)

  2. europabio says:

    no problem to use the video as long as you mention the source. Happy to help!

  3. inspirediam says:

    Change is constant. Thumbs up

  4. Yana Kuni says:

    Hi! I am a student in grade 8 and I recently got assigned a project to complete on biotechnology. I was wondering if I could please use this video of yours in my project? It was a really great and educational video. It would be used only for educational purposes! Please!

  5. Yana Kuni says:

    Hello! I am a student in grade 8 and I was wondering if I could plaease use your video in a biotechnology project im working on. It will only be used for educational purposes. Thank you!

  6. I2ITPune says:

    excellent…… love this video

  7. Luromaster says:

    The music is cool too !!

  8. aLesiTa11 says:

    me too? where are you studying?

  9. PriTheGamer says:

    Love the video, music included 😉

  10. Elie Hajj says:

    excellent video , i start next fall my 1st year of biotechnology can’t wait 😀

  11. Tiffany Joe says:

    dont like the music in the background. it’s not fitting for the video.

  12. manat31790 says:

    Great vid. Biotech’s great. I hope they keep improving this in the good ways for our earth.

  13. youngmasters says:

    well, that’s the good part about biotechnology…

  14. alchemistxp2 says:

    horrible music for a great video

  15. nhojmabon says:

    17,990 views and only 28 ratings with zero comments, how? Thankyou for the excellent video, good luck with the promotion of biotechnology.

  16. infotainers says:

    Fantastic stuff delineates abut the biotechnology in real life.

  17. KherlenBorjigon says:


  18. chopranikhil says:

    good for naive to biotech, nicely made to teach poeple as well

  19. alwinchiu88 says:

    tnx for uploading this… needed this ^ ^

  20. Sweetienna says:

    A very nice useful video, thanks a lot for uploading =)

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