Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Ranks Second and Tenth in Coffee Reviews Top 30 Coffees of 2014

La Jolla, Calif. (PRWEB) December 15, 2014

For the second year in a row, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters made the Coffee Review Top 30 Coffees of 2014. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Sumatra Ulos Batak came in at number two, and their Guji Zone Ethiopia at number 10. This is the first year that any roaster made the list twice.

Coffee Reviews selection is ranked on quality, value, and other aspects, including certifications and distinct style. The Sumatra Ulos Batak scored 96 out of 100, and at $ 17.99 for 12-ounces, was also the most affordable roast in the top three. The Sumatra was noted as an extraordinarily intense and complexly aromatic coffee and was recommended for those who appreciate refined and intense flavors.

The Guji Zone Ethiopia came in at 95-points, and the blind assessment said it was crisply lush and extravagant. Also at $ 17.99 for 12-ounces, this roast is considered a fine example of a natural, or dry-processed coffee by Coffee Review.

We are honored to be named not once, but twice on Coffee Review’s list of the Top 30 Coffees of 2014, said Chuck Patton, owner of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. I am proud of our Head Roaster, Heather Brisson, who really brought out the flavor profile on the Guji Zone coffee from Ethiopia, which was a real milestone for Bird Rock this year.

Due to the popularity of these roasts, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters sold out of both the Sumatra Ulos Batak and the Guji Zone Ethiopia however, they are in the process of approving a new lot of Batak coffee. And, the Ethiopia: Boke Konga is still available, and very similar to the Ethiopia Guji Zone. Beans can be purchased in either of the Bird Rock Coffee Roasters locations in San Diego, or online at

About Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Recognized as Roaster of the Year in 2012, a national once-in-a-lifetime award, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters (BRCR) is proud to have put premiere coffee on the map in San Diego. A regular contributor to the international coffee industry, a consistent winner of multiple awards above the score of 90 from Coffee Review and with a Q-Grader certified roaster on site, the Bird Rock Coffee Roasters staff is sought after throughout the world for their coffee expertise. Going beyond the perfect latte, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has the top quality Roaster on site, a pour-over bar featuring the top seasonal varietals, weekly cuppings open to the public for a sneak peak into the newest offerings, and a deep dive into the selection process and all things coffee. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters goes beyond the confines of the fair trade structure and engages in direct trade with farmers, and is proud to serve the best green coffee, prepared with the utmost respect to those who grew it. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is located in La Jolla, CA. For more information, please visit


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