Bitrix24 Study Shows Decline of Email as Primary Tool for Internal Communications and Collaboration

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) July 07, 2014

Bitrix24 has published results of a study that compared tools used for internal communications inside company and those used for outside communications with clients and business partners. The study shows that:

1. Email still reigns supreme as the primary collaboration tool inside organizations, but social intranets, social project management, enterprise social networks and other forms of #unemail are very successful at replacing it. They are now used in almost half of all organizations surveyed.

2. Traditional social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) got very little traction as internal collaboration platforms. Rather they are used by marketing and customer support (Facebook and Twitter) or HR department (LinkedIn for recruiting)

3. Social collaboration platforms and Google Hangout seem to be pushing out Skype as primary online meeting solutions. However, Skype remains the most popular way to talk to clients and prospects after telephone.

4. Sales prospecting is the most ‘socially intensive’ process, meaning those involved in sales prospecting use the widest range of social networks and access them much more frequently than other employees.

5. There isn’t any communication/collaboration platform that would be widely used both for internal and external communications. This is a major opportunity gap both for existing vendors and new startups.

Infographics for the study is available at

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