BitTorrent Sync! DIY Dropbox & File Share: How To Set It Up!

Last week we talked a little about BitTorrent Sync and found it to be pretty darn easy to setup. This week BT Sync opened up the alpha, so we were all about …

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  1. … consists of videos, music and pictures. Awesome, this guy is a film maker, a photographer and a composer and musician. Since all of this stuff must be made by himself, because otherwise … well we are actually talking about illegal file sharing !!! Oh please, how can someone be so naive and publicly ask for support in what is presumably illicit. Tekzilla team should have given a hint to make that clear.

  2. I remember like 10 years ago when I first learned about bittorrent from Patrick Norton on TechTV. He introduced me to Azureus which is my first bittorrent app and I was happy I could download using torrent links for watching anime and stuff. glad I could learn more useful things like this10 years later.

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