Bizarre Japanese Fighting Robots

Bizarre Japanese Fighting Robots

More from the ‘Robo-One’ Championships in Tokyo – this time, it’s two-legged robots punching their way to the title of ‘Best Robot Fighter’. Check out our Magical themed play list @
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Bizarre Japanese Fighting Robots

  1. Spring Tyme says:

    your weird robot is ineffective against the other weird robot

  2. ProfitOfDoom420 says:

    Holy Shit! Those things are awesome. I want one!

  3. jake wheeler says:

    dude, that penguin proboly had the most effective moves 

  4. Octane64 says:

    I can’t wait until the day these are mass produced. Or better yet, Hasbro/Takara starts producing transformers like this. That would be so cool, a remote control car that transforms into a attack robot that can fight other robots, that is going to be a revolutionary toy.

  5. RAFFY VLOGetc. says:

    For now its small and weak but in year 2090 Fck it! U see big robots fighting with real laser beams

  6. zombiehdfyi says:

    I lov japan

  7. MegaRhandel says:

    real steel before it was cool

  8. TheDailyChatter says:

    Meanwhile in Japan..

  9. leredsock says:

    definitely caught me by surprise, but unfortunately such tactics would not work in a real battlefield. there’s too many pricks in the army.

  10. Melicioel7 says:


  11. MMAFIGHTER187 says:

    URFC: Ultimate Robot Fighting Championship.

  12. shafiqyo says:

    0:22 That uppercuut lmao

  13. Lesedi Tlhoaele says:

    haha this is so funny hey!!!

  14. henrik storbakk says:


  15. RobotFightArena says:

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  16. lukaANDkrosty says:

    0:45 say hello to gay-bot

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