Black Hat SEO, SEO Comic

Black Hat SEO, SEO Comic

Image by ByronShell
“Beware the Dark Side”, deals with those SEO companies that are less than straight forward, and how nice it would be if they were. We always do our best to keep everything we do white hat – we’re always honest with our clients, don’t engage in any unscrupulous practices, and make no secret about how we go about getting rankings for our clients. That being said, not every SEO company is as honest.

Visit the SEO Comic, Ranked Hard.

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  1. ZombiePlaceFan says:

    Haha..changing hats…AWESOME! Personal development Link building SEO John

  2. Ronaldclark says:

    :))) good one

  3. Blondelle [DJ_Blondz] says:

    I like the concept…

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