Black Isle language lost

Black Isle language lost
BOBBY HOGG: Since I was a boy, the whole language in Cromarty has changed completely. GORDON HOGG: Aye. BOBBY HOGG: Once upon a time, you opened your mouth, and you were from Cromarty. Nobody says that to you now. GORDON HOGG: No.
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Ballot language for Montana's medical marijuana initiative cause for confusion
The ballot language is indeed confusing, notes an email blast from the pro-Initiative 124 group Safe Community Safe Kids and redistributed by the Montana Cannabis Industry Association as a way to rally its own supporters to vote against I-124.
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Birds' Eye View: Birds give meaning to our life and language
By the time this column is published, Splinter and I will be in Charleston, S.C., celebrating the “spectacular romance and marriage” of two lovebirds — my son Brian and his beautiful bride Lynn. Isn't it interesting how birds have worked their way …
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