21 Responses to Black Ops 2 – Black Ops 2 Zombies: Logo via Treyarch’s Twitter – New Ranking System? [COD BO2 HD]

  1. ItsToxicVenom says:

    hey what is treyarch’s twitter? kinda want it to post a video of a few noobs boosting (to be precise one was a prestige master boosting a swarm). They threatened to hack which was pretty funny and then said their dads work for microsoft. immaturity much? play the game right! visit my channel its the most recent video with the woords noobs trying to boost and threatning to hack lol.

  2. matt nev says:


  3. FailsCrazy says:

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  4. rodrigo rojas says:

    the emblem is going to be for the 4v4 zombies

  5. Roahem says:

    8161th BEETCH

  6. G5Televizzle says:

    theres another emblem on their twitter now. Another Zombie one. Its a hand.

  7. TheBoomurdead023 says:

    Its a ranking up thing. I bet you unlock emblems or maybe guns for certain modes (obviously not the classic zombies mode)

  8. ps3manne says:

    if there is freaking awsome

  9. ps3manne says:


  10. GREEDOgaming says:

    so with all this crap…..NOONE KNOWS WHEN THE GAMES COMING OUT? if you do know please tell me.

  11. magiic walrus says:

    no trying to hate but half the stuff you leak is fake

  12. deadlydump says:

    can anyone help me it doesnt let me show comments and the videos on the side dont show pictures

  13. antoniablanco32 says:

    I dont want rankin on zombies, its stupid to rank up twice

  14. MrPegeze says:

    zombies zombies zombies that’s all I want!

  15. KILLERFLIXX says:

    whats the song at the end

  16. RayGunnerGaming says:

    hey dude i sent you a friend request


    black ops without marathon pro is like pizza with no cheese


    black ops without marathon pro is like pizza with no cheese

  19. dustydee hunter says:

    Would be dope if they made a prison and a carnival map..:)

  20. da rapter says:

    check out treyarchs facebook you guys are gonna freak

  21. babybabyjesus says:

    matt i added you but i am still pending: Why U B Mad BRO

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