Black Ops 2 – League Play – Matchmaking and Ranking Issues

If you Solo queue, you should not be placed against 4 man Teams. If you queue as a team, you should not get the chance to Beat up on People doing Solo by themselves. Solo vs Solo Team vs Team
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5 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 – League Play – Matchmaking and Ranking Issues

  1. Your ideas are not terrible but you have to keep in mind with only 1000 players in the playlist during the peak hours you do not have the luxury of having team vs team only because nobody would ever get in a game. And the killstreak issue is a huge debate but alot of people support it because they want to expand the competitive scene and this will make it more appealing to the masses. Just saying.

  2. thats ridiculous cod is supposed to be experienced as a team you have fun and talk to people as you play if your playing solo then thats your choice if yo want to bitch about full teams its ridiculoues get your own team thats what sites like hupit gaming are for.

  3. I agree, going solo I felt that I didn’t matter and it was just a dice roll to get better randoms then the other team; however, rolling even half a party I felt like we had an unfair advantage. They need to nerf it. I think they should have team and solo league play that operates like mercenary tdm. No parties allowed.

  4. Look at the score at the end. See how I’m on the top? I played the objective. I even got what? over 15 defends while doing it. It’s not possible for me to stay in buildings the whole games when theres 3 spots for the hard point and i was in all of them.

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