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13 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 – LEAKED MULTIPLAYER MAP IMAGES!

  1. Honestly it’d be great to receive this game but I don’t feel right begging and I don’t think that will help my chances So yeah Xbox 360 is the version I would like if you are willing.. Thanks a lot for all your content and this amazing opportunity for WHOEVER receives it :D Good show lad

  2. PS3 if you can man, im in Canada. Thanks man, love your videos im glad you have made it so far and offering so much in return. Good luck and keep it up! This is going to be my #38/136 (you have 136 black ops 2 videos) video im commenting on, i really hope i win!

  3. You are from Ireland, and you are talking this bullshit???? People are losing their homes everyday, lots of people here are struggling to make ends meet, let alone pay for video games. Pull your head out of your hole for a while ,would you?

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