Black Ops 2 – Level Up Playing Against Bots – GLITCH

You can also gold weapons, get new titles playing with bots and increase your kill/death and win/lose ratio.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Black Ops 2 – Level Up Playing Against Bots – GLITCH

  1. SurRainbowGaming says:

    does it still work

  2. TheMinato707 says:

    do i have to invite freinds?

  3. minipower43 says:

    can u add minipower45 and do it to me

  4. TheDeadleyNazgul says:

    hey i got a ps3 but i cant do it coz i need someone to hlp me and my mate you cant level up in bots and was like yes you cn coz my matedone it then we levled up ith euch other so can i plz have some help plz :)

  5. Emilio Uceda says:

    lo puedes hacer solo?

  6. frank ludena says:

    does it work for xbox 360 too?

  7. FaZe TriGGzz says:

    Everyone go to zdarkproductions they are awsome sub

  8. frank ludena says:

    It still works??

  9. WesleyAviation says:

    Must it on Nuketown 2025 ?

  10. 98LOMA says:

    @forero395 the blooth thirsty cant be saved thats the bad thiing

  11. JAy Role says:

    i want to play with u add CoRn_PoPS242

  12. Bert DeKastanje says:

    Is it Patcht?

  13. blaggerang says:

    Can’t find “Custom Games” in COD Tv ????? HELp

  14. Jordan Nott says:

    anybody wanna try it on ps3 add me xEvil–x

  15. Felipe Tavares de Assis says:

    Can I get reseted for doing this? It happened to my friend

  16. Guill Forero says:

    Pretty cool glitch it worked for me and even turning off ps3 it didnt delete my titles/ emblems or xp but it doesnt count for gun cammos because i tried finishing my last gold for diamond snipers and it doesnt count the kills for camos but it does for combat knife camos. i highly recommend putting Headshots only and free for all is the only way it works for me nice vid.

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