Black Ops 2 | Leveling Up FAST in BO2 Zombies | Ranking Up System

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19 Responses to Black Ops 2 | Leveling Up FAST in BO2 Zombies | Ranking Up System

  1. VisiionalDesigns says:

    Play 5 days in a row to get blue eyes and rank up

  2. EnCPromos says:

    You cant 

  3. FIFA1OO says:

    Ur just gonna lose lines prestige isn’t downgrading no matter what

  4. mrhighfive6121 says:

    I just berely got my knife and skull could I get deranked back to regular skulls for not playing? Or will I keep knife just lose tallys

  5. SubsDesign says:

    Great Video Bro!! :)

  6. SubsDesign says:

    Great Video Man!! :)

  7. Rogelio Ramos says:

    I got about 200,000 kills n about 850 downs so ya do the math n get the ktd ratio

  8. Rogelio Ramos says:

    If you have to many downs then don’t even try to rank up, it will take you forever, ive been playing zombies on bo2 ps3 since it came out n my game play ill say is a lil bit above average n I barely got the highest rank skull w blue eyes n shotguns

  9. xNoGamersx says:

    why does your youtube pick look so much like thesyndicateproject

  10. paralixis4500 says:

    i am bitch♥

  11. ricky badSAs says:

    Stop saying he has a gay accent he got me 2 rank 8

  12. Richard Campbell says:

    Made a new account had the first rank made it to round 30 687 kills 2 downs and i get ranked up to 2 bones rank what the fuck

  13. modernwarfare802 says:

    The cat must have really got his tongue.

  14. Robert Culkin says:

    What if I actually have a life !?!?

  15. bacon309 says:


  16. KillerandFredgaming says:

    I agree with miowkate this is bad

  17. chester bautista says:

    which is more er the skull with blue eyes or the shotguns

  18. skylinecity224 says:

    Your accent is so annoying, you talk like you have something stuck in your mouth.

  19. xxDistortions says:

    The outro? ive seen it on 5 other videos, 1 was from MW3stream they said he took it from HexZombies (I also saw it there) So really you cant blame someone for it…

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