Black Ops 2 Zombies l How The Ranking System Really Works! With Emblems.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. How the ranking system really works with emblems. Skull, blue eyes, and shotguns. Don’t forget to SUB for more Zombies; tip…

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23 Responses to Black Ops 2 Zombies l How The Ranking System Really Works! With Emblems.

  1. Chris M says:

    I just got knife at 14500 kills and 22 downs. You don’t need 5 tallys or blue eyes to rank up. I started my account 3 days ago and I only have 4 tallys. I got 2 tally the first day 1 yesterday and 1 today. I will get mu shotguns soon. I jut ranked up from a round 35 game solo tranzit. Everything piff has said is true. He’s pretty much the only one who actually has it right

  2. ayush112000 says:

    bullshit if i dont play zombies for a week i still have the same tally

  3. Jeremy Ortega says:


  4. 2104fiona says:

    How. Do u go from cross bones to skull

  5. troler older says:

    i have 2 bones and 5 tallys but then i didnt play for 4 days how many tallys did i llose

  6. monkeyboy8311 says:

    Its outdated check his other videos out they are true and up to date

  7. graderott says:

    Guys it’s outdated

  8. DominatorGreat says:


  9. ShaggerzUK says:

    Stop bullshitting

  10. YourDaddPS3 says:

    that is not right the tall is how meany day u play if ur a ps3 player add me we can rank up with me my name is YourDadd there are 2 _ like this YourDadd__ if ur xbox player sub me and ill ill put vidios out and it will help if people sub me my name for youtube it YourDaddPS3

  11. Espley Morgan says:

    You lose ranked as you don’t play and don’t make it to high rounds

  12. TRO SHARROW says:

    Revive people buy doors fix barriers it helps out more than you think

  13. Omgitzkong Blud says:

    Good guy thnx

  14. MGModernGamers says:

    i have played 5 days in a row but i dont have the fifth tally

  15. flipimon1 says:

    5 tallies means 5 days in a row

  16. thesage641 says:

    no its not 

  17. zlDynamic says:

    no i gained 2 tally marks in 1 day..

  18. IamAwesomeUarenot says:

    The tally marks are just how many days in a row you’ve played. Blue eyes is just the sixth day in a row.

  19. Josue Martinez says:

    no shit i already know dis

  20. xXDaRkLoRdXx13 says:

    if you want pm to my account xXDaRk_LoRdXx13 i now how the ranking system works :)

  21. xXDaRkLoRdXx13 says:

    i think zombies work like this Dont miss a full day Try to get alot of Headshots Try to stay alive until you die, just one death! per-match play 5days straight without missing a day try to get to 10days then 20days place thumbs if it helps or if ur just tht nice sub my lame channel.

  22. Chuck Norris says:

    I was blue eyes skull for 2 months than just yesterday I was deranked I got so mad…

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