23 Replies to “Black Ops 2 Zombies l How The Ranking System Really Works! With Emblems.”

  1. I just got knife at 14500 kills and 22 downs. You don’t need 5 tallys or blue eyes to rank up. I started my account 3 days ago and I only have 4 tallys. I got 2 tally the first day 1 yesterday and 1 today. I will get mu shotguns soon. I jut ranked up from a round 35 game solo tranzit. Everything piff has said is true. He’s pretty much the only one who actually has it right

  2. that is not right the tall is how meany day u play if ur a ps3 player add me we can rank up with me my name is YourDadd there are 2 _ like this YourDadd__ if ur xbox player sub me and ill ill put vidios out and it will help if people sub me my name for youtube it YourDaddPS3

  3. i think zombies work like this Dont miss a full day Try to get alot of Headshots Try to stay alive until you die, just one death! per-match play 5days straight without missing a day try to get to 10days then 20days place thumbs if it helps or if ur just tht nice sub my lame channel.

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