Black Ops 2 Zombies l How To Get Shotguns / Max Rank with NEW Ranking System!

Black Ops 2 Zombies. How to get shotguns / max rank with NEW ranking system. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. BO2 Zombies. BO2. Ranking System. Emblem; doub…
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20 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 Zombies l How To Get Shotguns / Max Rank with NEW Ranking System!

  1. Update i got 20033 kills 34 downs and i got 4 slashes on my machete, I played some mob of the dead a couple times thats what got me my machete, i played some die rise but i always get crappy people so i back out.

  2. 33,973 kills and my kd is 133 and no knife I think that your revives and doors account to when ranking up but you can’t have like 60000 kills and 2000 downs and expects to get the knife you need strong kd and a strong amount of kills

  3. you have this because you have a kd of 44.6700508 aka 44.7 it is normal that you would have that for the kd. i got my knife when i had 82 kd. if you get 1970 kills before a down you will slowly rank up. it will just take time and if you really want the shotguns i would just make a new account because you will need tens of thousands of kills for them, hope this helped 🙂

  4. you have to have at least 40000 kills and you have to get some other stats such as headshots miles ran revives gibs etc. so that they know your not glitching because if you sit in a glitch the entire game and get 30000 kills and ran like .5 miles you are likely to not rank up.

  5. yeah it does, , , theres a myth out there that you should have at least 40000 kills and a 200-250 kd ratio in order to have shotguns. . .currently i have 112940 kills and have like a 103 kd and i have a knife. hope this helped.

  6. ok update i got 10,112 kills and 17 downs which is 594kd and i am barely skull 2 tallies. Do you know exactly how many kills when you get machete?

  7. Yeah the way i see it is that u have to at least Play Tranzit and get far to get shotguns.Because when i had them last time i started playing tranzit since that was the only map i could play and i had them. But after i stopped playing for a few months i came back and didnt have them again. So i just played the new maps but no shotguns even with over 3k kills for 0 downs

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