Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System. How To Get The Shotgun Emblem.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. How the ranking system works. How to get the different emblems; shotguns, skull, bones, skull with knife, blue eyes, shield…
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24 Responses to Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System. How To Get The Shotgun Emblem.

  1. braddfield says:

    Stop bitchn dude!!

  2. Alex Rodriguez says:

    I play with the shoogun to see if i can get the max rank but nahh it don’t work I got like 65 kill with the shoogun and nahhh :(

  3. KatyCat98KP says:

    My kd is 40 /: how much i need to get the knife? 90? Or what else?

  4. derion007 says:

    i lost my shotguns fromm having one bad game i have 35k kills and 210 downs wtf how do i get them back??? help me please

  5. xxzombiesxx115 says:

    I have a skull with a knife and blue eyes and I got to round 67 with my buddy and I didn’t rank up

  6. Cowardly Phoenix says:

    I Tried this and i got shotguns after 11 games and every game i got over round 30 so thank you very much You helped me alot

  7. Jbeastmode1 says:

    Gt jaybeast18

  8. TheZomieslayer ElxO says:

    what sucks you can lose ranks i had blue skull with knife than i only got to round 16 on mob of the dead than i get skull rank

  9. Silemto says:

    so i need more then 1000 kills per match? easy..

  10. Vipercris10 says:

    i think nobody have reached my rank

  11. OpticGunsmith says:

    so u need 30k kills to rank up to shotguns and a 200kd

  12. OpticGunsmith says:

    so u need 30k kills to rank up to shotguns and a 200kd 

  13. saarah ismail says:

    How to i get to skull? Im on crossbones wit 28 kd… Got 15200 kills 542 deaths… Any suggestions?

  14. thomas Garner says:

    Thanks for all the advice on how to get shotguns finally got them you have been the best help and anyone who can’t get shotguns watch every video or restart fresh and try not to get stupid down my ratio was 209 when I got my shotguns

  15. Ziamond Jackie says:

    Awesome video! If you have room could you add me. Gamertag: Da Booty Goth

  16. pujols357 says:

    Your a herb

  17. CyberGlock1 says:

    … I gots the shotgunz :3

  18. BUDs2014 says:

    I have 60,000+ kills and less then 600 downs+deaths combined. Yet I still only have the knife.

  19. JMic247 says:

    Im confused with the k/d part. K/d meaning kills and deaths or kills and downs..I want to get the right calculation.

  20. TheGamerFromSpace says:

    I have a 190 k/d. Why don’t I have shotguns yet?

  21. Da hungry wolf says:


  22. H3NRY Vo says:

    I have the dumb knife :/ which I had yo shotguns

  23. rah dizzy says:

    yo does this still work

  24. blixthadon says:

    U got to have over 18000 kills and under 150 downs i u have skull with blie eyes and you kdr i what it say above u need to play a match and get over 1000 kills before u go down and u will get your knife then keep doing it and u will get shotguns if u have over 100000 deaths u can’t rank up anymore after hundred thousand deaths best bet is to start a new profile I’m on psn hit me up and we will play gt- Blix_Da_Don

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