Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System – Road from One Bone to Shotguns(Part 2)

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. Ranking system explained emblem; bone, 2 bones, skull, knife, shotguns, blue eyes, shield, etc. How to get shotguns. Road f…

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13 Responses to Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System – Road from One Bone to Shotguns(Part 2)

  1. GaMeSkZeRo says:

    I’m good at zombie, but when I forget to play some days it goes down. Anyone wanna play Die Rise or Something to increase our rank? I’m on PS3. Send me a message ( PSN = gamesk0 )

  2. SuperGamingsfinest says:

    what do u play

  3. irume geilani says:

    piff i made a new acc and i am a skull blue eye and 65,478 kill and 87 down plz help me i play 100 game 2day and not on a knfe or a shotgun plz help me

  4. jakubwenta says:

    also, my co-op stats, ~105k kills to ~400 downs it was 167.8K.D. Don’t know if that matters, but my versus it pretty bad haha.

  5. jakubwenta says:

    It’s all explained on treyarch site. Exploits such as glitching, modding, illegal hardware(modded controllers for example), hacking…etc. will result in a ban. And a ban resets your stats. Depending on what you get banned for, it could be 6 days, then 14, then perma, or an instant perma ban. And some offences, such as boosting, they will add deaths after resetting your stats. So not worth it. Took me a while to get shotguns ever since turned ruined my stats.

  6. jakubwenta says:

    I believe you need to have over 25k kills, and hit 15k-20k within a week. Because I had an 81k.d when I got them -> 115k Kill,s ~1400 Downs. (Turned messed up my stats). I played for 2 weeks straight with a knife & Blue Eyes. But getting about 1k kills a game, playing 1 game a day. Then 2 days ago I played 2 games and achieved 5k kills both games. When I died, it still had a knife, but back in the lobby I had shotguns. So that is just my theory: 15k-20k kills within a week, and very few downs.

  7. AbrarGaming says:


  8. MegaTrev01 says:

    How do you find out your KD??

  9. Mitch Smith says:

    1058 downs lol

  10. Mitch Smith says:

    77000 kills, 1058 kills, just went 65 rounds on die rise and got my knife finally

  11. Mitch Smith says:

    your emblem can be deranked people. read carefully. if you are signed onto your account on xbox live or psn. and you are not playing zombies on black ops 2, your rank will slowly decrease. one of my friends, who had shotguns with blue eyes, has not played zombies for about two weeks and is now skull and knife with one tally

  12. 6PaKChannel says:

    is it possible to get knife if you have between 800-900 downs

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