Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System – Road To Getting Shotguns Back(Part 1)

Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System - Road To Getting Shotguns Back(Part 1)

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. Ranking System; bones, skull, knife, skull and knife, shotguns, blue eyes, shotguns, shield. How to get Shotguns. How to Rank Up / Level up. Road to Getting Shotguns Back(Part 1) Don’t forget to SUB, Comment, and Like! Twitter –

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  1. it is about kd but the things you do effect it eg revives head shot door opened and all that stuff. if piff got his shotguns at 153kd and he plays with people so he would of revived more people than me because im a solo player i got shotguns at 205 kd and then i played with my friends who go down alot and then i lost my shotguns because of turned and i lost them at 195 kd and i only got 100 more revives also if you open doors for people the emblem shows how good u are if u open doors u are good

  2. 2 quick questions I think your subs would like answers to (BTW: I’M A SUB myself): I have a 200KD and no shotguns, just knife. My question is do you need to be at 5 tallies and blue eyes before you can get your next emblem (i.e. shotguns?). My theory is yes, because when I got my knife I had the skull with blue eyes. I thought I’d have my shotguns by now with 76,000 kills and 380 downs. Also do you need to play public games online (i.e. grief, tranzit) in order to rank up quicker?

  3. Try to maintain that same kill to death ratio but aim for at least 30-35,000 kills. Youre really close to getting the shotguns. You just need a lot more kills to compensate.

  4. I don’t think that’s the case. There’s a rumor going on that theres a certain cap on the amount of kills you get for a wonder weapon, which in this case is the sliquifier. Its a way for treyarch to combat those who did the elevatory glitch where you get 1000 kills in 20 minutes. You have to use other guns and see what happens.

  5. Do you know how i got my shotgun motherfckr i did every day every game on town solo 1down and 1500 kills everyday now i finnaly got it and now i see this video smh…

  6. uh no. your just a noob bro lmfao. lol can you bitch anymore? like literally. my highest round is 67 and with the spawn trap in the galvin knuckle room is 147. that map is too easy. you just have to learn it bro.

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