Black Ops 2 Zombies l RANKING SYSTEM – TURNED

Black Ops 2 Zombies l RANKING SYSTEM - TURNED

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. Ranking System; bones, skull, knife, skull and knife, shotguns, blue eyes, tallies, shield. Revolution Map Pack, Die Rise. New game mode Turned on Diner. Don’t forget to SUB, Comment, and Like! Twitter –

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22 Responses to Black Ops 2 Zombies l RANKING SYSTEM – TURNED

  1. iMakeTurtlesGoOMG says:

    I take it as this is why I lost my shotguns a few days back and now I’m stuck on knife with  blue eyes. 😐

  2. geekscuad1313 says:

    Maybe the last map pack will be another TranZit map (or an extension of Green Run) AND some of the old maps (hopefully if they bring back Moon, it’ll have a big easter egg with the O4).

  3. R3MXShotZZ says:

    Can u play zombies with me gt R3MX ShotZZ

  4. R3MXShotZZ says:

    You are beast piff u helped me loads

  5. solozombiegaming says:

    @vernervee no dickhead

  6. solozombiegaming says:

    No it hasent changed got my shotguns after I got 210 K/D

  7. vernervee says:

    ALL YOU NEED IS HELP YOUR GAME BUDDYS! like revive them! All you need is more revives than downs. So keep calm an revive your buddies 😉 like my friend has 1200 revives and 500 downs and he has shotguns 😉

  8. wayway346 says:

    @risecarni, if you back out so much, u wont rank up. Be consistant…

  9. RiseCarni says:

    I have 27,871 kills and 7 downs 6 deaths and on the skull with no knife Help??!!

  10. david james says:

    i have 10000 kills and 66 deaths no knife help

  11. Jonner34 says:

    I lost my shotguns because of turned.

  12. Peligrazo says:

    hey i’ve been stuck at skull w/ blue eyes since the release and i have 34k zombiekills and 566 downs. i know, alot of downs 😀 but that’s becaue of the zombies doing double-hits sometimes and sometimes i’m just sloppy 😀 Anyways when do i get the skull with a knife behind it?

  13. Peligrazo says:

    i think the zombies ranking system is bullshit..

  14. iZirv says:

    Alright thanks – I thought I was getting close cause I was at 70K/500 but then Turned comes around and I’m down to a 114

  15. MLGMawii says:

    Also finish both Easter eggs

  16. MLGMawii says:

    Lost my shotguns 10 times got them back the rank systems was tweaked a little anyone need help or need help on tranzit or die rise msg me xbox – SvMawii

  17. redTARP man says:

    i hate it on die rise where they do that windmill crap and double hit you so stupid

  18. HQorTDM says:

    I have roughly 73k kills and 490 downs 150 kd or something and I still don’t have them try getting like a 180+ kd

  19. HQorTDM says:

    is there any good way to get kd up now since the update made you go down if you end the game after you get hit.. i have the high round in solo and i have like a 150 kd. lol.

  20. Halo2Trigate says:

    Guys, look at his previous videos about the KD System. However, the whole thing could have been changed from the update. We’ll just have to wait and see in his next videos.

  21. MrBlueSky0898 says:

    As someone with shotguns, I don’t think the turned downs count towards your rank. I know they count on the leaderboards, but right now my kd is 140 and I still haven’t been deranked. However on the co op leadeboard stats my kd is just over 200. I was really worried that I was going to be deranked because of turned, but now I think it doesn’t count. On a side note, my kd was around 320 when the map pack first came out, so maybe that has something to do with it.

  22. FatalJawed says:

    I have 80353 kills and 684 deaths. My kd is about 118.56. What do I need to get to get shotguns? I have the skull with knife and blue eyes. Thx

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