Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System – What KD Do YOU Need For Shotguns or Rank Up?

Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System - What KD Do YOU Need For Shotguns or Rank Up?

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. Q&A. Ranking System and emblems; bones, skull, knife, skull and knife, shotguns, skull and shotguns, blue eyes, shield. Wha…
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21 Responses to Black Ops 2 Zombies l Ranking System – What KD Do YOU Need For Shotguns or Rank Up?

  1. TheDeLiPLank286 says:

    days in a row you play. when you miss a day the tally goes down

  2. snipez20 says:

    I was told the tallys were somethin to do with days or games

  3. snipez20 says:

    12758, kills 85495, bullets fired 177, downs 155, revives 773, grenade kills, 3070 headshots,44 deaths, 12745 gibs, 249 drinks, 77 doors.. ect im knife with blues eyes kd= 72. Normal?

  4. Chris Hunter says:

    I play to like round 40 every day

  5. BGA2314 says:

    u have to play a good couple gamesbefore u actually get to level up

  6. BGA2314 says:

    ur bad 

  7. Chris Hunter says:

    And my kd is 0.67

  8. Chris Hunter says:

    Right dude I got. 85901 kills 904 deaths 1300 revives 24097 headshots 2058 downs 6283 grenade kills 90893 gibs 1480 perks drank 1410 doors 336135 hits 1221 miles 498655 bullets fired I’m rank 5 skull with blue eyes

  9. CallMeAriiz says:


  10. CallMeAriiz says:

    my kid is 1679 and I have a single bone. -.-

  11. McRealOG says:

    K/d does have a factor… Forgot to say that.-_-

  12. McRealOG says:

    It doesn’t always have to deal with k/d. It counts on your grenade kills, head shots, accuracy, and revives. There is a certain percent of each that you have to have in order to rank up.

  13. Ruuti Mendoza says:

    My kd is 71.1 and I got skull with no blue eyes and 4 tabs why ??

  14. MrSzabi97 says:

    Hi. I have started a new account. So far ive got 5874 kills and 24 down so muy kd is around 230. Me and my friend’s theory is that maybe we need to have a minimum number of kills and maximum number if downs to get a certain emblem. I was wondering if that is true in any way. Thank you bery much in advance

  15. blackopspro6455 says:

    Thanx! I just got Blue eyes.

  16. lmZGY says:

    my kd is 157.5 i have 6700 kills and 400 downs when do i get my shot guns btw i rounhded my kills

  17. Beastly James says:

    I have knife and i got 252 kd why am i not shotguns 88341 kills and 353 deths wtf ??

  18. blake Adkins says:

    Mine is 50 and I’m skull

  19. Eric sprints says:

    my k/d is currently 205 and i have skull with knife. hope i get my shotguns soon.

  20. Grant Forssenius says:

    Ok I have the life rank for a long time and I have 17000 kills and I have 30downs. Plus I just went to round 52 solo on die rise legit soooooo whats going on and when do I get shotguns?

  21. TheSniperbiscuit says:

    what kd do you need for the skull emblem?

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